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Creating a context dependent code list for Standard UI

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I have a demand, develop the Search Help of City and County, and binding Code on the Standard View.

First, I created the BCO and the BCC of City and County;






I created the BO named BusinessObject1 ,created QC and OWL for this BO

Then, I opened the QC in UI designer , and binding data .

Finally,I previewed the screen QC.

I succeed in my BO.

I created the XBO named BusinessObjectExtension1 for Customer.

Then I enhanced the screen QC.

When I binding data like BO, But it is not allowed:

My Project Explorer:

I want a solution to this problem.

Thanks Very Much.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi there,

The only way to enhance standard screens is to use Extensibility Explorer.

You cannot do anything else rather than the features available in the Extensibility Explorer.

My suggestion would be to create an Embedded Component and add it to the standard screen.

※You can only add EC to certain area where there is available anchor.

Refer to the following youtube tutorial by Stefan.

Best Regards,


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Hi Fred,

Thanks for you reply, I'll try it.

Best Regard


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Hi Fred,

Please help me with the flowing link's question,thank you!

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Best Regard

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