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Create Table/Insert Entries in Cloud Application using Business Application Studio

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Hi Experts,

Could someone help me to understand how to create a table/schema and insert entries in table/schema in Cloud Application Platform(CAP) using Business Application Studio.

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I would suggest you start your learning with the free OpenSAP course Building Applications with SAP Cloud Application Programming Model.

Hi V M Kumar,

For the representation of a table you need and a BO (if you want to separate the data more) or a node in an BO to store the data. Then you can use an Advanced List Pane (like in an OWL) to show the data as a table in the front-end. Or you can create an Data Source to get the data for an report.

I hope this helps.


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create data folder in DB folder, and put the required sample data. Also create the schema CDS with required entities

create cat-service.cds in SRV folder.

Run the commands

-npm install-

cds add hana

cds deploy --to hana ( some time need to login in CF using cf login command)

cds build all

cf push -f gen/db

cf push -f gen/srv --random-route...

Now check you service instance and spaces if the service are created and started correctly.