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Create SAP Transaction iView using SAPGUI for Windows

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I have a problem. I followed all the following stages:

First we create a R/3 System in the System Landscape with the System creation wizard.

Logon to the portal and choose from the navigation System Administration -> System Configuration -> System Landscape

Select your the folder where you want to put the system in. If you don't have a folder for systems create a new one.

right click -> New -> System

Select SAP_R3_Dedicated

Click Next

Step 2: General Properties

Enter System Name My R3 at Areva E Recruit

Enter System ID MyR3atArevaERec

Save System as System

Click Next

Step 3: Summary -> Finish

Choose your next step: Open the object for editing

After the basic settings through the wizard we now specify the settings for the backend system.

Select Property Category “Connector”

Enter Application Host arevatesting / portaldev

Enter SAP Client 000

Enter SAP System Name DER // MyR3atArevaERec ??

Enter SAP System Number 00

Enter Server Port 8000

Click on Save

To use user mapping for the backend authentication we have to set some properties in the category "User Management"

Select Property Category “User Management”

Select Logon Method: UIDPW

Select User Mapping Type: user

Click on Save

As the final step in R/3 System creation we must add a System Alias.

Edit: System Aliases

Enter Alias: Aliases4eRec

Click on Add

Click on Save

Maintain User Mapping

After creating a system in the System Landscape we can now edit the User Mapping.

Click on Personalize

Select User Mapping

Select the System Aliases4eRec

Insert valid Username and Password for that system ( basis / der000 )

SAP Transaction iView

Finally we create now the SAP Transaction iView.

Click on Content Administration -> Portal Content in the portal main navigation

Select the folder in which you want to create the iView

Right click: New -> iView

Select SAP Transaction iView

Click Next

Step 2: General Properties

Enter iView Name: Connect2 E Recruit

Enter iView ID: Connect2ERecruit

Save as: iView

Click Next

Step 3: Selection of Application Variant

Select SAP GUI for Windows

Click Next

Step 4: Application Parameter

Choose System: Aliases4eRec

Enter Transaction Code: SE80

Choose Start Technique for SAPGUI for Windows: Automatic Detection

Step 5: Summary

Choose X Open for editing when wizard completes

Click Finish

Click on preview

when I start the iview, a prompt for save/open window is opened but, if I choose open I get

the openwith list, then i choose internet explorer, nothing happened. if I choose save, i get a file named


Pls suggest what to do next ? Thanx in advance.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Uttam,

This will happen if you have not installed SAP Logonpad in the client machine! Still you may not get the iview coming properly as your server port is wrong. It has to be 3200 for system number 00.



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HI Uttam Majumder,

When you click on the preview button, it should show the iview with SE80 transaction.

You are not getting this view means some thing is wrong in your system set up.

First make sure that yu system is setup is done proprly.

In order to test this, Go to Test connections and test your connection by checking the 'Connection test though connector' and test it.

Fix issues based on the error details shown below.