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Create Job to cleanup a KM folder

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I would like to create a KM Job to cleanup a folder on my repository.

The path is: root > z_documenti > Temp > Prova1

I see a job "CleanJobTask" under System Administration->SystemConfiguration->ContentManagement->GlobalServices->SchedulerTascks but it seemes doen't work.

I set this for the "CleanJobTask":



Folder RIDs to cleanup: /root/z_documenti/Temp/Prova1

but it doesn't clean nothing.

Where is the mistake?

Could you help me?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Mario,

1.) If you have a cluster with more than one node, choose one CM system where the job should be running on (not needed in a single node installation).

2.) Activate "Task status", otherwise the job will not do anything.

With these two things in mind (and configured) it should do the trick (works for me at least).

3.) Keep in mind that this is some (as far as I have seen) undocumented feature which is not delivered with EP7.3 (and was delivered with 7.0 in some (undocumented) CAF scenario in the background). So in the long term it might make sense to develop your own task implementation (which, for a KM developer, is more or less straight forward; in addition, individual needs like logging, archiving, adding individual conditions when to delete... could be implemented that way).

Hope it helps


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Thanks a lot !

You are right, documentation isn't so clear for KM jobs..

With the flag "Task status" it started and it deleted the documents, not the folder.

After I tried to launch it more times but it doesn't start anymore!!!!

I don't understand...where could I check the execution of the job?



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