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create entries in Portalapp.xml

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How do i programatically create entries in portalapp.xml file?

I need to create some profile properties inside this file dynamically.


<property name="myColor" value="red"/>



I know, how to read and set the values but how wud i go about creating a new entry?

EG: <property name="yourColor" value="green"/>

from the Dynpage.


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you shouldn't be able to do this. The reason is that the profile is designed at designtime, so the properties one component is a designtime question. The values of the properties can be set at runtime - creating an iView out of a component or really dynamically by setting values on a IPortalComponentProfile. Did you try to set a value on the profile for a key which hasn't been defined at designtime? I didn't try, and maybe it works at runtime, but I would expect this not being persistent. Maybe you should give it a try if that works for your needs.

Saying this, why do you need it? What's your use case? Normally you shouldn't have a need for this, for a program / component implementation cannot have a semantic logic reacting on the profile parameter which it does not know when the component is implemented.

Hope it helps


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Trying to simulate the functionality which is there in KM. Portal Favorites Iview.

An view that holds the favorite urls added dynamically.

Iam trying to add a new option inside an iview tray options(like:'Add to My_Favorites_iview') then that shud add the iview path to the My_Favorites_iview.

If i use portalapp.xml then it will be per that context so will be per that page.

Any ideas?

If iam not clear enf, please post back.