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Create document links and attributes in Portal KM

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I'm not sure if this has been done before but it's an interesting issue:

We have an external Open Source Document Management System with which a large number of documents and graphics are managed (including translations). This DMS also contains vast amounts of META data for each object.

We now want to generate URLs in EP6 (in a repository) for these documents and graphics that are managed and stored in the external DMS to provide access for portal users (yes we want to keep the DMS).

The META data found in the DMS is to be used to provide search functionality in the portal and create Taxonomies.

N.B.: It's not possible to migrate the Objects (Documents and Graphics) and their META data from the DMS to the Portal for several reasons - nor does there exist an interface of any kind between the Portal (SAP) and DMS (Open Source). However we are able to extract the META data and construct access details (i.e. a URL to the DMS).

Anyone come across an issue like this? We would be thankful for any leads on documentation, hints, tips, possible solutions, etc.


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Does the DMS support webdav - i.e. is it a webdav server? If it is then you could probably have URL's directly to the documents in the DMS or even integrate the files stored in the DMS into the portal by adding it as a webdav repository.