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Create Collection with a defined layout (thumbnail)- KM API

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Hi, I have developed a code that create a folder (collection) in KM using de the API. But I have the problem, that the folder have to be set with thumbnail layout. Have anyone any idea of how to do that?. Thanks

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Hi Martin,

I wrote this code to set a layout set in a folder:

configurarLayout receive as parameter a folder an a user. The idea is for this user and folder set a layout set profile "Managers_NewsBrowser_Profile".

Don't forget to create this profile, for it you only need to configure from portal.

private void configurarLayout(ICollection articulos, IUser user) throws WcmException {

IUriMapperService pepe = null;

ILayoutService layoutService;

layoutService = (ILayoutService) ResourceFactory.getInstance().getServiceFactory().getRepositoryService(articulos, IWcmConst.LAYOUT_SERVICE);

pepe = UriMapperServiceFactory.getInstance();

String user1 = pepe.getConstantID(articulos.getRID());

ILayoutContext context = layoutService.getContextForUser(user, user1);

logger.errorT("UserID " + context.getCommonContext().getUserID());

IProfileIterator iProfileIterator = layoutService.getProfiles().iterator();

IProfile profilePosta = null;

while (iProfileIterator.hasNext() && profilePosta == null) {

IProfile element =;

if (element.getName().equalsIgnoreCase("Managers_NewsBrowser_Profile")) {

profilePosta = element;



boolean resultado = false;

resultado = layoutService.saveProfile(articulos, profilePosta, context.getCommonContext());

if (resultado = false)

logger.errorT("Grabacion erronea");