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Create Change Request.....?

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I have configured the system to implement Master Data Governance as per the help available online.

I am trying create the change request, it is giving me error "Enter a relevant role for the creation of supplier master data"

And sometimes it is giving the warning message "Entity type Supplier: Reuse active area does not support the query".

What role should I set in the Business partner and what is the meaning of the above warning message ?

-Thanks in advanced.

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Hi Ketan,

MDGS is based upon the SAP Business Partner including the ERP Vendor. If you create a so called Supplier, you create entries in the SAP BP tables (e.g. BUT000) as well as in the ERP Vendor tables (e.g. LFA1). The link between both is established by using the Customer-Vendor Integration (CVI). CVI consists of system customizing in SPRO where you can define which BP Role leads to a creation of a Vendor. The message you're refering to is usually shown if the role customizing is not unique. In your CVI settings there is more than one role defined the Vendor creation. If this is the case, you have to add the role that you want to use to your supplier.

So please check the CVI customizing to find out which roles you need.

With regards to the second message - are you sure that your system is on the latest SP? That would be a good start for sure!

Best regards


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Hi Michael,

We are facing similar warning message "warning message "Entity type Supplier: Reuse active area does not support the query". and there is no pop up for duplicate check.

We are in Component version SAP ECC 6.0

MDG_FND 732 0006 SAPK-73206INMDGFND MDG Foundation 732

MDG_APPL 607 0006 SAPK-60706INMDGAPPL MDG Applications 607

Please advice