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create a screen by teh help of pnp ldb

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hi expert ,

i have a file ( new hire file )

New Hire file: This interface program will be scheduled to run in the background and all the mandatory fields will be defaulted as shown below. End date will be defaulted with system current date and Begin date will be defaulted with CURRENT DATE – 7 DAYS. The selection criteria can be changed for testing purposes and can be further be extended by using the logical database PNP. A report category should be created for LDB PNP. but i don't find MOLGA in pa0001 , so please give the code for this screen.

Screen Field Description

TYPE Reference Field Comments

S_MOLGA Country key Select option PA0001-MOLGA Mandatory. Default with ‘10’

S_PERSG Employee group Select option PA0001-PERSG Mandatory. Default with ‘1’

S_PERNR Employee Select option PA0001-PERNR Optional

P_BEGDA Begin date Parameter SY-DATUM Mandatory. Default with SY-DATUM – 7

P_ENDDA End date Parameter SY-DATUM Mandatory. Default with SY-DATUM


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You have to create a separate HR report Category in the report of PNP LDB and use

From the program attributes after assigning the LDB PNP you will get the Report Category in the down.

click on it

and check for the related fields

and you can modify the report category by making some fields disable so that you will get the required fields on the selection screen.

MOLGA is not there in PA0001

it is there in T500L,T500T, T500P and HRP1005 tables

take from it

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