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Create a Python Buildpack for XS Advanced

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Please find below error details,

sapsrmd01:/hana/shared/PHS/xs/python> xs create-buildpack python /hana/shared/PHS/xs/XS_Client/ --enable 20

Creating buildpack "python" as XSA_ADMIN...

Uploading "python" ...
Checking which files to upload from /hana/shared/PHS/xs/XS_Client/ ...
-> python consists of 253 files.

Uploading 0 new or modified files (0 B) ...
Uploading "python" finished in 1.54 s.

FAILED: Build pack 52b99ec3-dc84-47d7-8a5c-5acd9389c4c9 does not have bin/detect

However, below SAP help url I followed to install Python on Linux 64 bit platform.

other details

sapsrmd01:/hana/shared/PHS/xs/XS_Client> xs version

Client version: xs v1.0.28

xs system-info

Getting system infrastructure information...

Execution agents:
1. sapsrmd01:41450 created at Apr 5, 2017 11:35:24 AM
port range 50000-50500::50500-50999:::
os.arch amd64 Linux
java.vendor SAP AG
java.version 1.8.0_92
os.version 3.0.101-63-default 64
version v1.0.28

sapsrmd01:/hana/shared/PHS/xs/XS_Client> xs runtimes

Getting runtimes...

type version id resolved active description bound apps
hanajdbc1 110.5 0 true true SAP HANA JDBC Driver 1.110.5 3
node0.12 14.8 1 true true Node.js for Linux x86-64 4
node4.4 4.4 2 true true Node.js for Linux x86-64 8
sapjvm8 1.21 4 true true SAP JVM 8 Patchlevel 21 for Linux x86-64 0
sapjvm8_jre 1.21 3 true true SAP JVM JRE 8 Patchlevel 21 for Linux x86-64 3
tomcat8 0.32 5 true true Apache Tomcat Web Container 8.0.32 3

tomee1.7_jaxrs 4 6 true true Apache TomEE jaxrs 1.7.4 0

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Answers (3)

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The documentation covering this topic is currently (as of this date) out of date.

Please look at this post for details on the experimental python buildpack.

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The information in the help system on creating a python buildpack are for illustrative purpose currently.

In the near future, a proper buildpack will be made available for public use while under community support.


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please update its very urgent