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CR reportbuilt in CR2011 but not running on older App/system

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So we built a report using CR 2011.

Then we put that report on/in an older web app.

It just fails to display anything. Runs fine in the CR 2011 client no issues.

So my question is this, does the CR 2011 client environment embed any assemblies or anything like that?

I looks at the Crystal decisions assemblies and they only go to 12.0.2000.0 on the web server.

How can I tell or determine if I need a different SP or SDK or other??

Side bar, the same report also runs fine in the CR 2008 version.....

Thanks for any ideas/direction.

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You're using a very early version Crystal 2008 SDK in your application. There are several things that could be affecting whether your report will run. However, since the report will run in 2008, there are some things we can rule out.

What type of database are you connecting to, what type of connection are you using (native, odbc, etc.), and what version of the db client are you using? Is the same version of the db client installed on the web server?

Crystal doesn't embed any assembly version restrictions in a report, but it does include db client version information - even when you're using ODBC. You may be running into an issue where you have a newer client on your workstation than is on the web server.