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CR or Data Slice can be implemented with Workbook ID?

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Hi experts,

we have been implementing CR (Characteristics Relationship) and Data Slice.

However, as you know, that functions are applied on ADSO level.

So, in the situation that there are over two queries which need another CR or Data slice on One ADSO, we have problem.


Is it possible to create CR or Data Slice with Workbook ID or Query ID?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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characteristic relationships (CRs) by design do not depend on queries or workbooks as a CR is a concept to define the consistent data records. Queries and workbooks (using queries) are only views on the transaction data, all views should have the same consistency model.

If the queries are working on disjoint data that can be separated by a 'separating' characteristic (like version or a time characteristic) make these characteristics part of you CRs; another option is to separate the data and thus the relations using different part providers in a composite provider.

Data slices can be deactivated temporarily in planning sequences (e.g. for administrative tasks); of end users data slice are usually parameterized using variables. You can also check the 'work status' concept in BPC Embeded.



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