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CR for VS change request: can generated classes be marked as partial?

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In Visual Studio, each Crystal Report .rpt file has a code behind file that's automatically generated. Is there any possibility of you guys changing the report code generator so the class includes the "partial" keyword?

The main reason I'm asking is because we have over 800 reports in one of our projects, and they are automatically added to the Visual Studio toolbox window, which seems to be overwhelming it. This causes it to take a long time to display and is also corrupting the list of items in the toolbox. If the code behinds were marked as partial, then we could extend the classes ourselves in a separate file (which would be useful in general to many people), but in my particular case I'd be able to annotate the partial class with the [ToolboxItem(false)] attribute to prevent them from being added to the toolbox.

Adding the partial keyword shouldn't break any existing code and would make extensibility for us much easier, especially in scenarios like mine. Is this minor change something that could possibly be considered in a future release?


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Hi Daniel,

R&D looked at it but not clear what or where you want this change.

Can you explain in more detail and give steps to reproduce the issue?

Thank you