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CR for VS 2010 versus CR 2008

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At the most basic level if I want to automate the full version of crystal reports (CR 2008) versus using the crystal reports for VS 2010 .NET add in what references/model do I need to change in Visual Studio? 

I am asking this question because my client has a set of legacy reports that reference "XML and Web services" type data sources.  Automating (populate/export to pdf) these from the CR for VS .net add in does not work due to that type of data source not being included ("I think its crdb.dll") with CR for VS 2010.

Thanks for any help - I am new to CR automation so please excuse the level of the question.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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HI John,

If you look on the download page:

Last column has the crdb_xml driver kit. Just requires you to install the JDK/JRE first.


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