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CR - Crosstab Issue on Subreport

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Dear Experts,

Am using CR 2008. Have a main report & sub report in RFa & RFb.

Main report has a crosstab & the same crosstab is also available in subreport. The report essentially does a comparison of data between 2 databases.

The issue is sub reports data truncates and would not flow over to the horizontal page when the data cannot fit one page. The main report works fine.

Page size main report - Vertical - 16.5 inches - Horizontal 17.0 Inches - Landscape

Sub report page size  - Vertical - 16.5 inches - Horizontal 17.0 Inches - Landscape

Report doesn't have any other data then the 2 crosstabs.

Subreport does have Keep Object Together and can grow checked.

I tried increasing the object size of the subreport on the main report to the 68 inches of width. With this I do see the subreport expanding horizontally but it only stretches as far as the main reports corsstab. Indirectly, If the data on the crosstab on the main report is wider then that of subreports crosstab, everything is fine. But in case of the inverse scenario, my subreport still truncates.

Any solutions please?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sunil,

Cross-tab in a sub-report does not expand horizontally.

The only workaround is to place a similar cross-tab in the Main report and place the subreport on top of this cross-tab. Follow Ken Hamady's post.

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