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CPU utilisation high in portal system

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Hi Team,

we are experiencing the CPU utilization issue in one of our Portal system. But thread utilization is fine.

I have checked it topas and work logs as well. it's normal and did find any abnormalities.

Can someone please help me out, how to handle this issue.

Thanks and regards,


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Answers (3)

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Hi Venkata,

Please let us know more details, like:

1. What OS?

2. Which exact service is taking more memory (task manager if Windows)?

There could be a number of reasons for high utilization. I would like to share my past experience.

  • The same issue we had in our Portal's App Servers. When we checked from taskmanager we found the DAA agent service (sapstartsrv.exe service running under "daaadm" user) was more memory. So we killed the service and restarted the SMD agent (DAA). Memory utilization went back to normal.
  • Another was that during DB backup runs, we experienced high utilization. Is your DB hosted on the same server? If yes, consider this too.


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Are you getting any slowness in portal system? 

There can be number of reasons for high CPU utiliation . What is the utilization rate while portal is

offline? Check the different J2EE  trace files to check if any abnormal load or hang up issues

happening. Check at OS level the culprit process which causes the high utiliation.

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Hi Rao
Could you pls share the system configuration details /OS ? and Kindly go thru the Best practices Guide for Portal 7.0