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CPS parameters are not getting updated in SAP

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We have recently migrated our SAP and CPs servers, after that we are facing few CPS issues and it is affecting lot of key batch jobs. One typical example is given below.

CPS is supposed to trigger a job DD simulation, by copying the SOURCE_DATE_ID -1-Dec-2006 and modifies the parameters BUDAT and FAEDA_HIGH. The parameter FAEDA_HIGH is calculated as 5 working days as defined in the expression. When we try to run the job today with the date 24 Dec 2010, CPS has calculated the FAEDS_HIGH correctly as 2-Jan-2011. IN SAP the variant gets created but for the field FAEDA_HIGH the date value is not getting updated properly it is display some other date. (e.g) It is showing as 4-jan-2011, I removed the xpression and gave another date for the FAEDA_HIGH field as 10/01/2011, but in SAP it is not getting updated.

Has anyone faced similar kind of issue. share you experience



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Do you see an old value in the date field? Or do you see a garbled value in the date field. What is the XBP version you are running on SAP (run job SAP_Info in CPS and look for the XMI version field). If you are running XBP 2.0, did you load the CPS transport files? Which version of CPS are you on?

Regards Gerben

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Hi ,

PLease find attached out XBP version

XBP connection pool for SAP system ISU

XMI interface version : 2.0

Since we have taken backup and restored the SAP Database, the CPs transport file already exists in the System.

Basically what happens is

So actually what is happening is, the CPS parameter FAEDS_HIGH expressions are not used for due date calculation.. CPS just copies the source date-id to target id and similarly for the due date based on the difference

source_id variant date 01-12-2006 due date 02-12-2006 ( Next day)

Target_id Variant date 25-12-2010 due date 26-12-21010 ( Next Day)

I tried changing the Source date id from 01-12-2006 to 24-12-2010.

Source Variant date 24-12-2010 due date 04-01-2011 ( 10 Days)

Target Variant date 25-12-2010 due date 05-01-2011 ( 10 Days)