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CPI Monitoring with the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 - Problems with the connection

Hello together,

I would like to connect the CPI to the SAP Solution Manager. I have the following tutorial available.

I have current problems with Step 2: Configure Interface and Connection Monitoring in the tutorial. In the

Step 5.2 Configuration (SAP SolMan --> Integration Monitoring -->Integration and Connection) I will create an Integration channel. I store the following general data:

In the Type dependent data tab I select External Service as source type and my CPI as source. What do I have to define as target?
Furthermore I have the problem that the checkbox Measuring point is grayed out.

Can you please help me.

Thanks and Best Regards

Michael Seydler

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Answers (2)

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Dear Claudia,

Thanks for your answer. Currently it's not possible to select the 'Cloud (SAP Cloud Platform Integration)' as monitoring template. I only have the possibility to select the 'Cloud (SAP HCI)'.

Can you please suppot me?

Thanks and best regards


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Same problem here. I had to copy the template to a custom template without any changes and the custom template was visible on the selection screen...

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Dear Michael,

According to your screenshot, you've selected 'Cloud(SAP HCI)' for 'Monitoring template'.
Please change it to 'Cloud(SAP Cloud Platform Integration)'.
As mentioned in the wiki page, the template should be 'Cloud(SAP Cloud Platform Integration)'.
-> Step 2: Configure Interface and Connection Monitoring
-> 'Create the Interface Channel' section
-> 3

If you configured both of Source and Target in the 'Type-dependent data' tab, the Measuring point will be configured automatically and it can be editable.

Best regards,