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CPI: Error message using XML to EDI Converter

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Hello all,

This is my first try to use the "XML to EDI Converter" function in an CPI IFLOW. To get the propper XSD file for the X12 message, I've downloaded the XSD file from our former PO system ->B2BIC module.

According to this instruction ( I've named the XSD file in the "XML to EDI converter" to "ASC-X12_855_004010.xsd".

(see attached screen shot)

When I run the IFLow, I'm getting following error message

" Invalid Payload: XML TO EDI CONVERSION cannot process the payload." 

However I used a payload for the XML message which was working in our old PO system propperly. The payload was added to the CPI IFLow by a content modifier -> body. (see attached screen shot iflow)

Does anyone has an idea how to fix this?

Thank you


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Does the XML message format match the .xsd (including envelope)?

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