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Count the number of customer in query designer

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Dear Friends,

I am trying to create a query where we have two key figures.

( Division ) (Total Customer) (Total Customer who purchase)

10 10 5

20 20 15

This means i need two figures one is total number of customer against

each division irrespect of sales either they purchase somthing or not means read from

master data.

and second figure i need total number of customer who purchase

from us by eash division.

second KF is achived by creating a New Formula and put 1 in detail view and

in aggregation tab i select total option and in ref. char. i choose division.

now i am getting right number of customer who purchased from us.

for KF one i dont know how can we read from master data for customer count.

i know there is a option for characterstics in advance properties choose from

transaction data or from master data but i am unable to build logic for counting using

these advance features.

any help higly appricated.



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Answers (2)

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no solution

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Maintain the Total Customer as an attribute..

Then this characteristic has the values from master data..

THen Convert this characteristic into key figure using Formula Variable with Replacement path.

Using Formula varaible with replacemant path, we can convert a characteristic into key fure..

I Hope u can achieve the result now...

Hope this helps u..

Best Regards.


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You means create Charactertics info object for "total customer" and add it in customer info object

as an attribute and then in query designer use this infoobject for total customer key figure

using replacement path vriable.

is it?

is there any other way without change in modeling.



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Dear Venkata its not working. Is there any other workaround for this problem.

Thanks with regards,


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Dear Bhaskar,

Thanks for your reply. i know already what you told me. Can you please

read the orignal question on top and share your experience with me

any help will higly appricated.

thanks with regards,


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Friends any idea.