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Count lines of xml file

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i have flat file -> idoc scenario and I want to use mapping/cr8 user-defined function to count ALL the lines of the xml file

I tried to use index function with remove context and split by value and it didnt help ( mayb i did it wrong )

if i use count function i have to use it on EACH line and add all

the flat file MT is



__________________H_Line (1)

__________________L_Line (unbounded)

__________________V_Line (unbounded)

any suggestions?



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You can use user defined function. Handle the context. just return the length.



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i didnt succced writing that function

can u try giving example ?

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put the context to the parent node (maybe the MT itself), then use a UDF like

public void RecordCount(String[] a, .....)


tempCount = a.length;



for each node once you get the count pass them to a add function or create onto handle the add with the number of inputs (the count functions) and return the total number of count.