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coulmn wise priniting

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hai spokes,

i have issue reg multiple line item printing in colunm wise.

here a creating a zprogram in this on internal table with entries as follows item desc group

001 ABC 01

002 ABB 02

003 ABC 03

internal table with three line items

now i want to print in smartforms like this

page 1

item : 001 002 003

group : ABC ABB ABC

Desc : 01 02 03

Like this i want to print in smartform..

can any body explain the process to print like above, bcause i don't have that much knowledge in layouts, here iam using samrtforms.

in my procedure what i did is

in zprogram i have taken that data from internal table and stored in another internal table like

item1 desc1 group1 item2 desc2 group2 item3 desc3 group3

001 ABC 01 002 ABB 02 003 ABC 03.

IN smartform i started to print this entries in the format as i shown above

in this i created a table with row with four coloumns

one is for heading 2,3,4 columns for item 01,02,03.

in table main area i used this row ..

when i execute the prog

for first line item it is executing correctly ,but it fails when next item comes..


heading comes ok


item : 001 002 003



when it comes to print next line item that is description , the form is not executing , simply it comes out of that form..

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Answers (3)

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i got the sol

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Convert the internat table Rows to Columns use this link to acheive

And use this table to print the data in smartform.

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Hi Ajay,

for ur req, create 3 table for details and pass it to smartform.

in smartform create 3loops each for each table and create 3 table to display.