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Couldn't display a Adobe Form

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Hi! Experts,

I have tried to test one of the Business Task Management demo scenarios at the demo portal. But I can't see the Adobe form which included at the PCR scenario screen. When I moved to the page which includes a adobe form, I could see just the endless file downloading popup dialog.

Adobe Reader 7.0 is installed at my pc. Must I install some other components to see adobe forms from internet explorer?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Go Joong Kim,

Have you tried to look at the notes concerning your problem?

Note 766191: The interactive forms and office integration do not function correctly in the Web Dynpro.

If you want to use Adobe forms and Office integration in the Web Dynpro in the Internet Explorer, you must have installed the front-end components of the SAP Active Component Framework (ACF).

This can be done implicitly by automatically downloading the ACF components, or explicitly by calling the relevant installation program.

If there are problems with interactive forms or office integration, this may therefore be due to missing ACF components.

Or another solution (from -> FAQ): 8. What do I need to install to use Interactive Forms based on Adobe software?

Server: SAP Web AS Java (for all scenarios), SAP Web AS ABAP (if you are looking at high-volume print scenarios), Adobe document services (runtime component), Adobe Credential (for creating interactive PDF forms)

Frontend: SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio with Adobe LiveCycle Designer (for Web Dynpro for Java development) and/or SAP GUI with Adobe LiveCycle Designer, Active Component Framework (for filling interactive forms in a Web Dynpro application), Adobe Reader 7.0.3 or higher (on the frontend PC).

Most of the time your problem is solved when you allow your internet explorer to install an additional ActiveX component.

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First of all, thanks for your quick reply.

I tested some cases but there are unclear points.

1)If I install xACF_NW04s_SP7 on my computer, there is just a message "I am the PlaceHolder control" at the place where the pdf form must be displayed

2)If I install xACF_NW04_SP16 on my computer, endless file download popup message. -> same symptom with my first question

3) But I install NWDS with Adobe Lifecycle Designer, the expected pdf form is display but it displayed at seperate Adobe reader not at in-place.

How can I identify the various symptoms clearly?

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Dear all,

I tested the scenario at my colleage's pc. But the adobe forms are displayed correctly. There may be some problems at system environmnt of my pc.

Thanks everybody.

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