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Could not proceed with step --> 3.ASE server upgrade from the note 2162715

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We had started SYBASE ASE Upgrade from 15.7 to 16.0 with the help of note 2162715.

From the note the 3rd step is to do the below activity :

3.ASE server upgrade The ASE server upgrade adapts the RUN_ and RUN__BS file, performs some sanity checking and then starts ASE using the new software version, which performs necessary data structure conversion in the ASE server and its databases. It is important that no other clients attempt top connect to ASE during this inital phase, when ASE is restarted. The necessary steps are performed by the script '' , which is provided on the software media.

We are not having the upgrade_bs_rdbms.bat in our media which we had downloaded form the market place. CD number : 51047808- which is Sybase 16.0 Windows 64 bit.

Please Help here. Thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Is this an SAP Business Suite installation?  If so I think you would be better off posting in the ,   Note 2162715 is specific to SAP Business Suite.  The script is not part of a general-purpose ASE installation.

For the upgrade steps for a general-purpose ASE, please see the Upgrade chapter in the ASE Installation Guide for Windows.


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Hello Halford,

Thanks For your reply.

Could you please mention the basic difference between them.

and how to check whether my current installation is business suite or general purpose ASE.



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Hello Bret,

please help here...

we had started our upgrade for 15.7 BS to 16.0 BS

But we have used a general 16.0 ASE dump instead of 16.0 BS.

then I have raised the above query.. in which the upgrade_bs_rdms.bat was not available... later after your reply.. then I have upgraded according to that note with 16.0 BS . in ASE suite Log I have seen that there were no errors.

ENV variables automatically changed to 16.0..

but when I see the version using the select @@ version .. I still see as 15.7.

what else should be done.???

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