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Could not export WEBI report to excel in multiple tabs

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I have WEB I report in which I have two Reports. One report is in Tabular format while other is in Graph format.The grap report is created by using the feature of "Inserting New report" of WEBI. But whenever I am trying to save it to my computer as EXCEL then I am not gettting it saved into multiple tabs like Sheet1 and Sheet2 in Excel.

Please tell me what should be done.?

Thanks & Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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To export reports in tabbed excel

-- Make sure you have report tab in Web Intelligence Report

-- Name of the table should not more than 30 char ( though its not restriction) otherwise tab names will trim in excel

-- Don not use special characters in tab names in WEBI.

Reply if still facing issue.


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Hi Kuldeep,

I got type of similar issue,where when i saved the web-i report(section used) in excel ,section header names are underlined and text is shrinked,though i enabled autofit width and autofit height

Let me know if you have any solution


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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When I try, there is no problem.

try this

File > Save As > Excell. the save as box will seem. right side of box, you can chose which reports tab do you want to export.

chose from this " Select All" and than click Save.

best regards


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hi anushree

After creating the webi document which containing two or more reports,

save it first and then save it as an excel file,

Now you got the options like select reports.

check all the reports and then click the radio button "Prioritize easy data processing in excel document".

now you will get all the reports that you created in the webi will be reflected in your excel file.

Thanks & regards


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Hi Ani,

Are you using two report tabs in webi or creating tabular and grap report in one report only.

Also which kind of graph you are creating?

Try to create a fresh report with graph only and no tables and see after exporting how it behaves?



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Hi Learner007,

First of all thanks for your reply. I have two report tabs in WEBI and I have Line charts and Horizontal bar charts.

thanks & regards,


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