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CORS error while trying to setup Live connection between SAC and EWM (S4 HANA)


Hi Team,

We are trying to configure CORS live connection between SAC and EWM (S4HANA) .

We are getting Error access to XMLHttpRequest at 'https://<target-S4HANA>:44300/sap/bw/ina/GetServerInfo?sap-client=100' from origin ' https:<source-SAC> has been blocked by CORS policy:

Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.

We have followed 2889975 - SAP BusinessObjects Live Data Connect and Google Chrome 80: connection failure and set parameter on server side as below.

Server-side solution

The server-side solution reverts to the previous behavior by explicitly setting the SameSite=None and Secure attribute to all cookies issued by the SAP system. This solution has different advantages:

Kindly advise if you have seen and resolved a similar issue.

Also note following supporting information:

1. Target portal is accessible in browser --- 'https://<target-S4HANA>:44300/sap/bw/ina/GetServerInfo?sap-client=100'

2. Browser version is Chrome Version 108.0.5359.125 (Official Build) (64-bit)

3. S4HANA kernel version. - SAP Kernal 785

4. CORS was configured using UCONCOCKPIT

We have followed below steps to configure CORS using UCONCOCKPIT as per the blog

Add SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) to the HTTP whitelist.

Looking forward to response on this.



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Are you using and web dispatcher or load balancer between the front and back end? You might need to review the settings carefully also on the middle layer - if any.

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Answers (2)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Viswa,

Do you see any blockings in the browser, check in address bar, probably cookies or third party pop-ups?

Can you please share some screenshots where the address bar is visible?



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Hello VA,

just to make sure... did you execute this step, too?

  1. Enter transaction code: RZ11.
  2. Enter Parameter: icf/cors_enabled
  3. Select Display.
  4. Set Value to 1.

The same should also be stored via RZ10 into the profile.

Otherwise - after system restart - the "1" will disappear again, if you inserted it only via RZ11.

BR, Martin

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Hello Martin,

Thanks for getting back.

Yes, these steps were successfully executed.



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Hi VA,

I'm very sorry, but I have no more idea, either.

You can check my question - still not resolved:

I also have strange behaviour with CORS, but the real root cause is unknown.

SAP did not make this configuration easy 😞

In earlier times, there were wizards, where you just needed to fill a few fields and in the end it worked... now you have to tweak here and there and read dozens of notes blogs and other help pages, and you still screw it up 😞

BR, Martin