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Corrections and function partners visibility in Change Request Management

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I have created a customized change transaction based on urgent correction. When the correction is created, it is assigned to three partner functions. Each partner functions can see the correction in his worklist and can open it, but can execute just the actions allowed by his authorization profiles. Is there a way to avoid that each partner function can see the correction in his worklist also when he can not execute any actions relative to a particulare status. For example:

I have a change transaction with 3 status A,B,C.

When the correction is created, I specify four partner functions X,Y,Z,W.

In the normal way X,Y,Z,W should see the correction in their worklist (is it right?). I want that, even if the correction has been already assigned, the correction in the status A can be seen just by X and Y, in the status B can be seen just by Y and Z, and in the status C can be seen just by W. Is there a way to do this? I want to do this to avoid huge worklists...Each business partner can see the correction in the worklist only when it reaches a particular status.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Antonello,

yes this is possible.

under CRM_DNO_MONITOR you can create a filter and save it as a variant, which can then be stored in a transaction. These transactions can in turn be assigned to roles.

You can create variants using the Selection Monitor (CRM_DNO_MONITOR).

Define the criteria in the Transaction Monitor, such as where the mine checkbox is selected and the status equals Needs Approving or Successfully Tested.

Then choose from the menu: Goto > Variants > Save as variant

Give it a name and click Save,

Go to Transaction SE93:

• Create a new transaction code

• Select the transaction with parameters (parameter transaction)

• Specify the transaction field, enter "Start_Report" and set "Skip entry screen"

• For GUI support, select all options

• Specify the following parameters:


• D_SREPOVARI-VARIANT = Name of the previously created variant




Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Thanks for the seems perfect...I am going to try....