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Hi All,

I have a problem in mapping between IDOC FIDCC2 an my custom structure.

When I'm using copyvalue between WERKS in E1FIKPF segment and my field with 0 to unbounded occurence the copyvalue function work properly ONLY with first occurence!!!

Any IDEA??????

Thanks in advance,

Michele Lazzarato.

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Hi Michele,

The "CopyValue" function works similar to the "Constant" function. This means it will copy an input value to the relevant context and - if necessary - will duplicate the entries of the source element. So if there is only one context in your target structure, it will create exactly one entry there.

If you want all values to end up in the the same context (i.e. the same header node), just create a simple mapping between the source and the target element without any additional function.

On the other hand, if you want to distribute the source elements to different contexts (to different header nodes) you'll probably have to use the "SplitByValue" function.

If you have futher questions, you can send me your source and target structures (the xsds) and an xml-instance of your message by mail (with a short description which fields you want to map)and I'll try to resolve the problem.

Best regards