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Copying KM content from one Portal to another

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I want to copy KM content from one EP to another. So in the end what I want to copy are the files, the folder structure and the folder permissions. I know that with WebDAV it's not possible to transport folder permissions, but what about ICE? I hope you can tell me whether ICE can be used, or is there something better?

Kind regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Timo,

I hope you will find all that you need (including permissions) in this document:



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Hello Timo,

I would suggest if you are doing a transfer from scratch go for ICE as it carries properties,access control along with it.

However be aware of the ICE protocol and select the appropriate folder rather than the root folder.This is common mistake committed while using ICE.

Bottomline:ICE principle Overwrite and then delete.

May be you want to set it overnight to transfer.

Furthermore ,Webdav would be a faster means but without properties being transfered.

Hope this helps .



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