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Copy of ERP - how to switch source system

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we have sap 2 clients as source systems for netweaver 2004s. One client will be separate out and became one standalone system with new different logical name. Question is how to switch this in netw2004s without creating new source system (only chnage existing source system).

thamks for advice


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Answers (2)

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hi, I think when then new have different logical name, we ha to do:

1. run BDLS report in BW and change old logical name to new one

2. change RFC destination to new server

3. restore source system in rsa1

But I want to check this porcedure by someone who do it



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Few Check points -

1)Make sure that an RFC destination exists with the new logical name in every connected BW or BW source systems. Change the hosts in the appropriate RFC destinations so that they refer to the correct computer. For this, see Note 524554.

2)If you want to rename one or more of the copied systems, then execute Transaction BDLS both in the client you wish to rename and in all the connected BW-systems and sourcesystems. Please read the notes 121163 and 369758 regarding details about transaction BDLS

3)Execute Transaction WE20 to reactivate the partner profiles. Choose "Partner type LS (logical system)" enter the logical system name of the partner in tab "classification", change the partner status from "I" (inactive) to "A" (active) and save

4)Check table RSBASIDOC to determine all the sourcesystem-connections ,confirm entries in fields these entries RLOGSYS and SLOGSYS.

Hope it Helps



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Have you tried sm59 and changing there and then doing a restore through rsa1 which should trigger changes in rsbasidoc?