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Copy not allowed; source and target system have different

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Dear Experts ,
i am trying to copy profile solution from production to test tenant but i have some errors
Copy not allowed; add-on YDBWAIA2Y_ of system 000000000740465220 is missing in system 000000000740403465

Copy not allowed; source and target system have different C4C versions

Copy not allowed; add-on Y2O2TNJUY_ of system 000000000740403465 is missing in system 000000000740465220


but Y2O2TNJUY_ is a unique id of the patch solution in test tenant this solution copied already to production tenant but it take another unique id YDBWAIA2Y_ and it is already exist in test tenant with same key

. the solution already exist in production tenant . what solution do you recommend to solve this issues.

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Hi Basem,

This is a very common issue which occurs if you have add on solutions in your tenant, please check out the below blog for the details on how to resolve this issue:-


Dhanya KV