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copy master data

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Hi, BW experts,

In our situation, we have 2 BW system. now we wanna copy one template from BW A to BW B.

we created Transports to copy all of BW data objects ( InfoObjects, cubes, queries,.... ), But in BW B, we don't have any data.

There are lots of master data in BW A ( lots of them are maintain by manually), was the good way to copy those master data from BW A to BW B system?

1. export to txt files from BW A , then import them to BW B. ( too much work)

2. manually maintenance ( too much work )

any else simple and fast way to copy them ??? Pls advice

Thanks in advance

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Answers (3)

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Hi Jie,

You have these options:

1. Create export datasource on the objects you need in BW A and load from BW A top BW B.

2. The other option if the export datasource does not work is to create datasource on the master data table in BW A. Now in BW B create the connection with BW A and load the objects. For cubes you can create info-hub and store the data in DB table. Now use the DB table and create the datasource in RSO2.

Hope this helps.



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Hi, Dinesh,

If we create infoprovide for infoObjects to create export datasource, it's too much work and big impact of BW A system.

do anybody know whether transport can transport data (infoObject) from BW A to BW B system? if so, how can do it?


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hi Jie,

did you try SE16, master data tables e.g /bi0/p[infoobjectname] etc

menu - table entries - transport entries ?

hope this helps.

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If you cant so system copy, as suggested by Anil, the other thing is to load data for A and B systems separately.

Ravi Thothadri

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anyone know the other good way? thanks

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I hope, system copy would be better option.

With rgds,

Anil Kumar Sharma .P

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Hi, Anil,

System copy is not possible since BW A and BW B are different business proposed.