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Copy hyperlink of the number in webdympro

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We have a search list which has a sales order number in IE. When I click on Sales order it will open a new screen through hyperlink.

But I need to copy the number with hyper link and send it to people. As say I will send the sales order number through mail and if they click on number it should consider as hyperlink and it should open the desired link.

I can able to copy the number successfully but could not able to copy hyper link of the number.

Can you guys guide me .



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Hi Vijay,

I assume that you would like to find out the URL of the newly opened window, right?

For that you just open the technical help on the new screen via context menu. Within the first tab of the technical help "Web Dynpro Application" you see the URL within a text box with label "Starts the URL of the application".

If you have further questions please let me know.

Best regards,