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Copy from Basic Cube to TCube

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Hello BPS Experts,

one method of copy is using planning function, is there any other method of copying data from basic cube to transaction cube.?

Suggestions appreciated.



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Answers (2)

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Hi BWer,

You can also make an export datasource from the Basic Cube and connect it to the Tcube. Then, switch Tcube to Load Mode and execute an InfoPackage to load it.

Hope it helps.


Diego Lombardini

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i think you can copy actauls from basic cube to plan cube using planning function only.

but if you have multi planning area,then you can have a manual layout to retrive data from basic cube and display in layout.then copy(manual copy) same data and paste it in data columns (of planning cube) and save it.Then data will be saved in Tcube.This is without using planning function.

for this you have to desing layout such that 'plng area' must be in data columns along with keyfigures.Then restrict data coolumns with 'actual plng area' and same keyfigures with 'plan plang area' (u need to have 2 sets of same keyfigures)

hope this helps

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