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Copy database from Production server to Development server

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Hello Experts,

Production SAP system ID and Database ID is " PQP " and

Development SAP system ID and Database ID is " DQP "

Which steps or method I have to follow to copy database from Production server to development server ?

Please give me in detail steps as early as possible..........



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi There Rahul,

If you wish to refresh the data in your dev system from your production system be carefull when you select the client you are going to refresh as if you import data into your config client then you will no longer be able to make configuration changes to your system.

If you are sure of the client you are gong to refresh then the next step is to ensure that both your development system and production system are at the same support package levels otherwise this will also cause you issues.

Providing all of the above is ok then you will need to proceed as follows (i am going to refer to you dev client as 98 and your production client as 300 please substitute accordingly in relation to your own configuration).

Step 01, Logon to your production system client 300 as user DDIC

Step 02, Select T-code SCC8

Step 03, Usually you will leave profile as SAP_ALL

Step 04, Enter DEV System SID as target system and select processing option (Background or Immeadiatly)

Step 05, The system will then carry out Export process and create 3 transport requests (you can see the status of export

by using SE01

Step 06, In the target system DEV Client 98 erase client 98 with T-code SCC5 (do not delete T000-entry)

Step 07, Logon to client 98 on DEV Sytem as username "SAP*" with password "pass"

Step 08, Use T-code STMS find the transport request and select it for import (the other 2 requests will automatically be


Step 09, To view stsatus of the Import use T-code SCC3 (the import may take a long time depending on the size of your

original production system 300 client)

Step 10, When the import has been completed you will be able to logon to DEV system client 98 as DDIC same password as

you had before.

Step 11, You then need to carry out post processing using transaction SCC7, once this has completed you should be all up

and running with a refreshed client 98 on your DEV system.

Any problems let me know



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Make sure you know what you are doing.

Refreshing your DEV system from Production will give you unwanted results.

All of your object versioning and Historical Transport information will be gone, so the developers will not be happy. The developers are who the DEV system is primarily built for.

What is the reasoning behind your DEV refresh? There is likely a better solution for addressing the problem than a refresh.

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I agree with Joey,

You require a real sound reason for refreshing DEV!

I've refreshed QA from PRD but even that I don't like doing a whole lot,

And please...if people are crying for data...they don't know what they are doing!

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If you want the data to be refreshed from PRD to DEV,then the good way is to do a cleint export from PRD and then importing that into the DEV client. By this way u can avoid the activities involved at the database level.

In case if u r good at DB administration, then u can do a backup and restore. This involves activities like control file creation, recreation of OPS$ user at the DB table and so on. If u do backup and restore then ur DEV will become much similar to the PRD except the SID(System ID). Meaning, u will loose the DEV clients but will have the same number of clients as that of in PRD.

Hope this helps.


Varadharajan M

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Hi Mr. Varadharajan M,

Suppose I will export production system using SAPinst.exe( system Copy). Should I start the installation process again for import OR directly import on development system.

Could you please give me detail steps at the time of importing .


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Hi Rahul,

Suppose I will export production system using SAPinst.exe( system Copy).

This method is called system copy using R3load where u expor the data from one system and then recreate/rebuild the system using SAPINST. The process is mentioned clearly in the system copy guide in SAP SMP.

Should I start the installation process again for import OR directly import on development system.

Yes, you need to rebuild the system to use this export.

The other method what I said before is client export and import. By this method u can export the data in a client(not in the system) and then import that into ur target client.

Hope this clarifies.


Varadharajan M