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Copy data from Actual cube to real time cube in IP

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Hi Experts,

I am new to IP.

For complex scenarios, I understand that Multi provider is ideal for planning. I have actual info cube and real time info cube.

Please advise how to load data from actual info cube to real time cube in this context.

1. a.Load data from actual info cube to real time cube.

b.Develop Multiprovider

c.Use this provider for planning

2. a.Create multiprovider with both actual and real time cube

b. use copy function to load data from actual to plan using version infoobject

I am unable to visualize how this can be done. Please advise the best way to accomplish above activity.

Thank you.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi narashima,

if you want to load data - using transformations and so on, you define it in BW and just load the data. While doing this, the realtime cube Needs to be in load mode and no one can do any planning.

if you want a planning function to do a copy, this is also possible. Then you Need a Multi Provider, an Aggregation Level and the copy function. You can run the copy only when no one else is locking the data that shall be changed.

So the best way to do is whatever fit´s you Scenario.

who shall do the copy?

are there selections to be used?

is locking of data a decision criteria?

what number of records are we talking of?


there is no General answer to your question, i just listed some ideas.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Venkat,

As Cornelia mentioned it purely depends on biz requirement.

As per my understanding you would like to copy over Actual values to Plan data in plan cube over period of time ,it could be week/month/year.

If this activity needs to be performed by users as and when required with frequent change in time periods and versions & other selection ,Please use second approach as it will ease overall workload.