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copa structure

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I know following are main tables in COPA structure

CE1xxxx actual line item

CE2xxxx plan line item

C3xxxx value fields (key figures)

CE4xxxx Characteristics table (similar to diemnsion table)

if i m not worng CE3xxxx will put into fact table of cube

and CE3xxxx will put into Dimension Table

<b>i m unable to understand CE1xxxx and CE2xxxx

where we use them.</b>

i will thank you by assinging points.

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The tables for Costing based COPA are :

1.The line item table for COPA is CE1XXXX, where XXXX represents the operating concern eg if operating concern is 1000 then the table would be ce11000. The table contains all the data at the most detailed level. Planned line items are stored in the table CE2xxxx.

2. There is also the segment table CE4xxxx, which is located at a higher level. It is used to assign segment numbers to each combination of characteristic values. For the first summarization to be performed, at least the document number and the billing item are hidden.

The characteristics that were deactivated from use in the profitability segment in Customizing are also hidden. Segment table CE4xxxx should therefore be optimized for processing data within Profitability Analysis, such as for the information system. Table CE4xxxx_ACCT contains external account assignment information as well as the characteristics for CE4xxxx and serves as the "interface" to other applications.

3. The segment level CE3xxxx is set up between the segment table and the line items, thereby making a time-based classification possible. Alongside value fields, the segment level also contains the characteristics record type, planned/actual indicator, version, and period, as well as some additional technical details. Several lines from the segment level are attached to a particular profitability segment (that is, to a line in the segment table). These lines all have the same segment number but relate to different posting periods.

Each line at the segment level adds together the value fields for a row of line items bearing the same segment number and assigned to the appropriate posting period.

The tables for Account Based COPA are:

1. COEJ - Actual Line Items

2. COEP - Plan Line Items

3. COSS & COSP - Totals records per profitability segment

4. CEXXXX - Profitability segment definitions

Hope this helps


CSM Reddy