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COPA standard cubes

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HI Gurus,

Can anyone point me the business content cubes for COPA and the library file link if possible

Thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Check the links.

0COPA_C01 -COPA: Published Key Figures

0COPA_C02 -COPA: CRM Marketing

0COPA_C03 -COPA: Quickstart (S_GO).

0COPA_C04 -COPA: Consumer Goods Industry(S_CP).

0COPA_C05 -COPA: Route Profitability

Copa extraction steps:

R/3 System

1. KEB0

2. Select Datasource 1_CO_PA_CCA

3. Select Field Name for Partitioning (Eg, Ccode)

4. Initialise

5. Select characteristics & Value Fields & Key Figures

6. Select Development Class/Local Object

7. Workbench Request

8. Edit your Data Source to Select/Hide Fields

9. Extract Checker at RSA3 & Extract


1. Replicate Data Source

2. Assign Info Source

3. Transfer all Data Source elements to Info Source

4. Activate Info Source

5. Create Cube on Infoprovider (Copy str from Infosource)

6. Go to Dimensions and create dimensions, Define & Assign

7. Check & Activate

8. Create Update Rules

9. Insert/Modify KF and write routines (const, formula, abap)

10. Activate

11. Create InfoPackage for Initialization

12. Maintain Infopackage

13. Under Update Tab Select Initialize delta on Infopackage

14. Schedule/Monitor

15. Create Another InfoPackage for Delta

16. Check on DELTA Option

17. Ready for Delta Load


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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check here for co-pa objects's

hope this help you


Harikrishna N