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COPA New dat source creation without deleting the old datasource

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Hi Gurus,

I'm having a data source (COPA) existing on one operating concern. We got a requirement to add few extra fields.

Will it be possible to create anew DS without deleting the old data source on Same operating concern ??

Will there be any issue if we do like this??

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Venkatesh,

Yes you can create multiple data sources with unique names based on single operating concern.

Since delta is works like generic delta,there won't any issue for multiple COPA data source.

Have a nice day.

Best regards,

Sagarkumar Darji

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Hi SagarKumar,

Thanks for the reply.

Yo mean to say.

Both the DS will be getting data from same tables as we created on the same operating concern.

For suppose first data source ran at 11:00 and fetched data to bw with some time stamp. Next delta will run based on the timestamp of first DS.

2nd data source will run at 11:30 and its will different timestamp from the first DS.

So there won't be any issue with data right?? Correct me if im wrong.

Thank you.

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Hi Venkatesh,

In my view if you don't want to delete and regenerate the data-source,You should create new datasource with all the existing fields as well as additional fields you required.

Now create a transformation on top of new datasource and your existing DSO/Cube. Once you go-live stop the load from old transformation/datasource and init the delta from new transformation/datasource.

Data-loading strategy can be based on historical data requirement, if you want historical data then you can directly pull the data with new extractor since its having all the fields now. if no history required then just bring the proper delta with old flow and then stop the load from old flow then init the data with new flow.