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COPA Extraction need to switch between two BW systems.

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Hi All,

We have two BW systems , one is BW on Oracle[ 7.0 ] and other is BW on HANA [7.3]. For now we are using oracle for daily operational support. In Oracle we are loading COPA extraction as a Delta and in HANA we are loading COPA Extraction as a Full from ECC PRD system.

We are trying to switch this extraction , meaning we need to make BW HANA COPA Extraction as a Delta and in future we need to load data from HANA to BW oracle.

I am in my initial stage,and need any help kind or suggestion on this request.

Is it possible to switch the deltas between two systems ?

Can we make one system as a delta and can bring records from HANA to BW as a delta ?

Will it impact on extraction process from ECC ?

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you can switch the loading from ECC to BW on Hana to delta mode while BW on Oracle is still on delta. just initialize the loading from ECC to Hana during the cut-over activity. I'm assuming ECC is connected to both oracle and hana servers. you can still leave the delta from ECC to oracle in case there will be some issues with Hana. you may have to do some selective deletions on both Hana and Oracle to avoid duplicates unless your DSOs in Oracle and Hana are exactly the same.

for hana to oracle, create connections and DTP transfers from the 2 bw servers.