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Converting a PDF document to a BIAR file

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I have a pdf file which exists on my local machine and I need to convert that into a BIAR file.

I know that you can create a BIAR file from a document which exists in the CMS but is there a way where you can create a BIAR file when that document does not exist in a CMS.

Thanks in advance

Mohan Koduru

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Why do want to create a BIAR file of a PDF that doesnt exist in BOE?

In any case, to answer your question, you can't.

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The question is not Why but How.

We can actually create a BIAR file from a variety of formats which includes PDF as well.

You need to use the BIAR command line for that and not the Import Wizard.

Please refer to the chapter specifically on BIAR command line options in the BOE Admin guide.


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I know what the BIAR command line tool and biarengine do. I assumed your question was to create a BIAR file from a PDF and not have it associated with a BOE deployment.

Also, the condescension is unwarranted. I believe it was you that asked the question.



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Hi Mohan,

A BIAR file is essentially a ZIP file with an XML metadata file and the actual repository object within in. There is no way that I know of to create a BIAR file out of a PDF file on the disk because it doesn't contain any metadata info within it. You may as well use the ZIP SDK to just zip up the PDF if you aren't concerned with the properties that would be stored with it within the BOE environment.

Maybe we are misinterpretting your question but I too do not see a point in creating a BIAR file from a PDF disk file. BIAR are specifically designed to extract Info Objects out of the BOE system and put them in an archive to be archived or transported.