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Convert Smartforms to SFP Adobe Forms

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Dear all,

Is there any possibility to convert the smartforms into SFP Adobe forms programatically?

I could able to achieve the same Manually, but can we do the same programatically.

Supporting documents appreciated.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Srini,

To Migrate Smart Form into Adobe


All graphics that are used in the Smart Form have already been migrated.


Go to the Smart Forms initial screen (transaction SMARTFORMS).

Choose Utilities --> Migration --> Interactive Form -->Export.

In the dialog box, enter the name of the Smart Form that you want to migrate, the name of the PDF-based target form, and the target interface. The system suggests the name of the Smart Form as the name for the target form and target interface. You can change these names. The target form and the target interface can have different names.

Choose Continue.

The system displays the Settings dialog box where you can flag various options for migration. To activate the selected options and close the dialog box, choose Continue.

the dialog box Create Object Directory Entry, enter a package for the interface, or save it as a local object.

Assign the form to a package, or save the form as a local object.

The system migrates the form.

If no errors occur during the migration, you can activate the new interface and the PDF-based form. If you see an error message, read Migration with Errors or Warnings below.

Activating an Interface and PDF-Based Print Form

If the form was migrated without errors, the system returns a corresponding message. You now have a PDF-based form (consisting of a form and interface) that you can edit. Initially, migrated forms and interfaces are always inactive and therefore have to be activated before a call can be made from the application.

To activate or edit the form, choose Utilities --> Migration --> Interactive Form --> Edit. The system displays the initial screen of the form builder for PDF-based forms. After you have activated the form, you can "switch runtime" as described below.

Refer:Migrating Smart Forms

Pl read the constraints before migrating

Notes About Migrating Smart Forms

Hope the above information helps......



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