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Conversion of Flat file to XML

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Hi ,

I have a scenario where i need to convert a FLAT File to XML ...

Since I am using Seeburger Adapter the usage FCC is ruled out.

Is there any inbult Adapter Module available in SAP PI which can be used to convert a Flat file to XML.

The Flat file has many rows... I just want a single record to repeat n times.

Please help me on this.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Why don't try with Message Tran Bean

Check this below details out:

Processing Sequence:

1 localejbs/Seeburger/solution/sftp Local Enterprise Bean solutionid

2 localejbs/AF_Modules/MessageTransformBean Local Enterprise Bean mtb

3 localejbs/CallSapAdapter Local Enterprise Bean exit

Module Configuration:

mtb Transform.Class

mtb Transform.ContentType text/xml;charset=utf-8

mtb xml.conversionType SimplePlain2XML

mtb xml.documentName XXX_EXPENSES_mt

mtb xml.fieldContentFormatting trim

mtb xml.fieldNames FIELD1,FIELD2,FIELD3,FIELD4

mtb xml.fieldSeparator '0x09'

mtb xml.processFieldNames fromConfiguration

mtb xml.structureTitle RECORD



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Hi Siva,

Since I am using Seeburger Adapter the usage FCC is ruled out....

You can use the Seeburger BIC Module to convert Flat File to XML.

You need to create your own Mapping, using Seeburger BIC Mapping Designer (you need to create an Inhouse to XML Mapping).

So the steps would be:

a) Create Mapping in Seeburger BIC Mapping Designer (BIC MD)

b) Deploy Mapping into PI

c) Use Seeburger BIC Module to run the Mapping in your module chain



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SAP provides MessageTransformBean which can convert the data into XML and also viceversa...

all you need to do is to configure this at your sender adapter level before standard modules in case of sender and after standard in case of receiver....

Search sap help for more info on these module parameters...I remember there is a blog on usage of this in



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> The Flat file has many rows... I just want a single record to repeat n times.

Does the above condition needs to be handled in the adapter ?

Anyways, as Rakesh said, writing an adapter module seems to be the only solution.


Sherin Jose P

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Hi Siva,

I think there is no pre-existing module in PI to convert a flat file structure to XML. You can write your own Adapter module to convert that flat file structure to XML. As u said, ur flat file structure is simple, ur adapter module wil be simple.