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Conversion condition problem in message mapping

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Dear Friends,

I am sending the ORDERDS02 Idoc from one ECC to another ECC using PI7.0.

In receiver system my condittion is:

1) IF E1EDK01-BSART = DVBFand E1EDKA1-PAORG = MF20 then E1EDKA1 PARTN = 50057 & A59991

2) IF E1EDK01-BSART = DNBFand E1EDKA1-PAORG = MG20 then E1EDKA1 PARTN = 50055 & A59990

In first condtion I am receiving the result as per the requirement(50057 & A59991)

but in second condition I am getting only 50055 , I am not getting A59990 .

I am checking the Queues in message mapping it is showing 50055 & A59990, but it is updating only 50055.

In queues it is showing like:

sender: target:

50055 50055


Please suugest me any thing I have to do in message mapping.

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Answers (3)

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Can you tell me how it has been mapped now. Since you are using header segment, it should contain only one value. So, I would not suspect that it might not be an issue with context.

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Try with these funciton after "THEN" e.g.

IF so and so.... THEN -> RemoveContext->SplitByValue--->Target.

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Hi Omkar,

Take the help of node Function FormatByExample to eliminate supress value.