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Hi all,
they asked me to develop a small program that allows printing on a continuous roll Zebra printer.
I have always prepared Crystal Reports with a page setup.
Never for continuous rolls.

In practice they have to print customer lists and not knowing how many there are, a continuous roll is needed.
As if it were a shop receipt practically.

Can you tell me how to proceed? Any suggestions?
I develop this with VS2019 and c#.

Thanks for support

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Hi Andy,

Added the CR for VS tag...

You can get the updates from my WIKI here:

SP 33 is the latest, we only support the latest since it's a full install and no patches.

Use the CR for VS install for VS 2019 and below on your DEV PC and use the MSI redist packages to deploy the runtime, you can't manually deploy the runtime.

Zebra printer paper is continuous so that is not a problem.

When designing the report select the Zebra printer using Page Setup in CR Designer.

Now when printing you would select multiple labels through the Record Selection Formula.

When printing it will will simply print those records.

See the Printer test app I wrote on the WIKI page above:

Printing Crystal Reports in .NET

Note the Zebra printer is shown as the saved printer, so the SDK will look for that printer.

Note: if using a custom paper size simply add that paper size using the same name on every printer and the SDK will find it and use it by default.