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continuous paper-printing problems

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I am trying to design a report (using Crystal Reports for VS2008) for a receipt to be printed on a thermal printer with continuous paper (CITIZEN CT-S651).  Now a receipt will need to have variable height according to the number of items it contains.

The problem is that Crystal Reports takes the page setup from those available in the print setup and all these paper sizes have a fixed length (e.g. Receipt length 80x3276mm 48c).  Thus every receipt is being printing using the full length 3276mm (irrespective of number of items) resulting in a lot of wasted paper.  

The printer driver has a setting "paper type" set to "Receipt" intentionally meant to avoid this problem (Receipt allows flexible paper length according to the data length to avoid waste of paper), however, even with this setting the problem persists.

I would really appreciate any help I can get on this problem.

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If CR Basic is not capable of using Custom Paper sizes your only option is to move to a full version of Crystal Reports or upgrade to Crystal Reports Developer for Visual Studio ( 2010/2012 )

It has an engine called Report Application Server that allows customizing the printer and paper sizes.

This issue is likely a limitation of .NET and Printer functionality.

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See this post also for more info on how to:

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