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Context Menu in web reports

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Hi Gurus,

Someone knows where is stored the code which is used for the context menu in web reports ? I want to add some code on it !

Thanks in advance,


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Answers (2)

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Hi ,

simply add the following parameters to the template Properties in HTML View of WAD

// Menu entry at the beginning and only on customer cells

<param name='CMENU_LABEL_1' value='Customer details'>

<param name='CMENU_FUNCTION_1' value='myMenuProcessor'>

<param name='CMENU_PARAMETER_1' value='1'>


<param name='CMENU_FILTER_1' value='0CUSTOMER'>

<param name='CMENU_VISIBILITY_1' value='X'>

<param name='CMENU_POSITION_1' value='TOP'>

// Menu entry at the end for IT homepage

<param name='CMENU_LABEL_2' value='Customer details'>

<param name='CMENU_FUNCTION_2' value='myMenuProcessor'>

<param name='CMENU_PARAMETER_2' value='2'>

<param name='CMENU_VISIBILITY_2' value='X'>

<param name='CMENU_POSITION_2' value='BOTTOM'>

// Menu entry at the beginning and only on material groups

<param name='CMENU_LABEL_3' value='Materials'>

<param name='CMENU_FUNCTION_3' value='myMenuProcessor'>

<param name='CMENU_PARAMETER_3' value='3'>


<param name='CMENU_FILTER_3' value='0MATGROUP'>

<param name='CMENU_VISIBILITY_3' value='X'>

<param name='CMENU_POSITION_3' value='TOP'>

Below would be the javascript handler.


switch (parameter){

case "1":

// Report-report-interface jump to customer details Web application in a new window

SAPBWOpenWindow(SAP_BW_URL_Get() + "&CMD=RRI&DATA_ROW=" + y +


+ y + "&IOBJNM=0CUSTOMER&RRI_RECEIVER=ABC","CustDetails",600,400);

SAP Online Help 02.04.2004

Web API Reference BW 3.5 239


case "2":

// Call IT help page



case "3":

// Filter material group and expand by material


"DATA_PROVIDER=" + escape(dataprovider) +



"&FILTER_VALUE=" + escape(parameter1) + "&FILTER_NODE_IOBJNM=" +





Best regards,


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Hi Kai,

Thanks for your answer but it's not that I am searching. I already use this "parameter" in WAD.

What I am searching is where is stored the ABAP code which is used to build the context menu ! I need to add some new entry using cascade view (parent node/child node).

Thanks in advance


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Hi Aleksi,

the ABAP CLASS for managing the javascript stuff is CL_RSR_WWW_JAVASCRIPT. But remember those classes are SAP internal using them in own programs can cause error or malfunctions in SAP Standard.

making submenus is not that easy.

best regards,


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Are you working on BI 7.0? Because in that case, to edit the context menu, you can create a web template and simply use the context menu web item in it to have the desired context menu when your template is run (you can even turn it off).

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No sorry ... I am on BW 3.5