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Context mapping at runtime !!!

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Hi ,

Can someone help me out with this situation:

1 - I have a parent DC compA.

2. The child DC CompB is creating a component in CompA dynamically using the IWDComponentUsage.createComponent(componentname, dcname)

[view in the CompB is embeeding a view which is prsent in CompA]

4 - The parent has a context node and 2 attributes.

5. How do i map this parent components Conetx Node to the Child Component's Context Node dynamically.

In short how to perform context mapping (external) at runtime ?



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chk it

1. Define the interface component with context node (Input Element Externl)

2. Create a component which defines a usage to the interface component

3. Go to the component usages folder and open it.

4. Right click on the usage you just created and choose Create controller


5. Double click the interfacecontroller_usage you just created.

6. Here you can add a controller usage using the button at the top.

7. Now you should be able to define the external mapping by dragging the node of

the component controller to the interfacecontroller_usage node.

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but that is at design time ??..

i wanted to perform the context mapping at runtime ..

is there any API for Context mapping at runtime ..

or else using wdCopyService we can copy the context vaues to the parent context ?

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Hi Madhusudhan,

Check this links.

<a href="">Dynamically Creating, Building, and Mapping a Context in Web Dynpro</a>

<a href="">Dynamic UI Generation in Web</a>