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Context and Result Parameters In BRFplus

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Hi Experts,

Actually I need to map some of the BRF+ context and Result parameters.

So how do I get each and every property of data objects.

For example I have created two context parameters one by binding with DDIC Type(Ex s_carr_id) and other parameter without binding.

We can fetch all properties of parameters done by binding with DDIC, the problem is how do I fetch other parameters properties without binding.

Properties of a parameters means type, length, description, etc

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Hi Ravi,

you have access to all objects in BRFplus via the BRFplus API. This blog gives you some insight on how to use the API to get programmatical access to the BRFplus and its objects.

Concerning the parameters and their metadata the API IF_FDT_DATA_OBJECT to get the basic data, the interface IF_FDT_TYPES (containing the possible "native" BRFplus types) and IF_FDT_ELEMENT for the specifics of the elements.

Hope that helps

Best regards,


Thanks a lot Christian Lechner... I go it and you are really doing good.

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