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Content Server MaxDb

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I have somthing i don't understand about MAXDB :

I have a log file here : /sapdb/log/DC1/DISKL001 where i supose it's there i could find the trace about file storage.

But there are other log files here : /sapdb/data/wrk/DC1/DC1_LOG.001 to DC1_LOG.051

I wanted to know what are this log file ( are they like redo log files? or other ) and if it is possible to delete them.

Thx by advance.

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Before all thx for all.

But i have an other question _

1°) my

/sapdb/log/DC1/DISKL001 file witch is a log file take 1Go.

Like we are using very often the content server the file grow and when it is on 1Go i have to create an other file like for example /sapdb/log/DC1/ is there a way to purge ( delete not all but the oldest ) because of the size all the disk take.

2°)It's only with /sapdb/log/DC1/DISKL001 file the system make the recovery? maybe he have to use the little one ( DC1_LOG.001 to DC1_LOG.051) to the recovery?


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That file is the database logging and it's "normal" that it will fill up. You would need to take a log backup in order to free the space again.

I suggest you get an overview how MaxDB works:

[original link is broken]


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oh and I forgot.....delete them ???

deleteing them means loosing option to recover database , same as deleting archive redologs.

many DB administrators prefer to backup those files before deleting them



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you are right , file /sapdb/log/DC1/DISKL001 is log file

, in Oracle terminology : online redo log

files /sapdb/data/wrk/DC1/DC1_LOG.001 ,....., 002 , 003, ...

are log backup , in oracle term : offline redolog or archive redologs

very good reading is SAP note

869267 FAQ: MaxDB LOG area